SFU Board nailed on Goldcorp dirty money

Vancouver Media Co-op, January 27, 2011

by murray bush – flux photo

SFU Board of Governors flees meeting amid noisy intervention
SFU undergrad Peter Driftmier voices his opposition to Goldcorp
SFU English Dept. prof Steve Collis reads one of his open poems to Goldcorp
On the march to confront the SFU Board of Governors
Marching from SFU Harbourside to the Board meeting
Heading to the Board of Governor's meeting with a message
Honduran activist Oliver Hernan Valladares
Inside the SFU business building during the BoG meeting
The mumbling poets have their say

VANCOUVER – More than 100 activists and students showed up outside a Simon Fraser University Board of Governors meeting ìn downtown Vancouver today to protest the university`s involvement with notorious human rights abuser Goldcop.

The Canadian mining company has donated millions of dollars to SFU in exchange for the name  Goldcorp Centre for The Arts. Students against the donation called on the BoG to hear the community’s concerns about  Goldcorp. SFU Against Goldcorp and Gentrification has repeatedly asked for Board accountability on taking Gordcorp`s `dirty money` but the Board insists the issue is closed for discussion.

Protesters passed signed leaflets on Goldcorp`s human rights record through the locked doors of the Board`s meeting room. The members of the Board broke up their meeting and left the building amid calls from the crowd to listen to their concerns.

For more info: www.nogoldcorpsfu.wordpress.com



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