Breaking the Silence Takes the Fight to Vancouver

Breaking the Silence Takes the Fight to Vancouver

Nova Scotia’s Wyanne Sandler gives an update from the Goldcorp AGM

by Justin Ling

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Protest outside Goldcorp's AGM.
Protest outside Goldcorp’s AGM.

Wyanne Sandler isn’t about to give up.

Sandler is coordinator for the Maritimes-based Breaking the Silence Network, who worked with a coalition of groups to introduce a shareholder resolution at the Goldcorp annual general meeting to voluntarily suspend operations at one of the company’s most controversial gold ventures in Latin America.

Goldcorp is a multi-national mining company based on Vancouver. They’ve been cited repeatedly for their environmental, labour and human rights practises.

The resolution failed last week, but Sandler says that this isn’t the end.

“We were using this as another tool to raise awareness among the shareholders about what the concerns are,” Sandler says. “[Why is Goldcorp] asking shareholders as well as the public and the people of San Migul to trust their voluntary policies rather than trusting in what international human rights bodies are saying?”

For more on the Goldcorp resolution;

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