Dominicans March against Canadian Mining Company

Dominicans March against Canadian Mining Company
Imagen activaSanto Domingo, Feb 8 (Prensa Latina) The Dominican Broad Front of Popular Struggle (FALPO) and organizations from the city of San Francisco de Macoris will march on Wednesday against the Canadian mining company Barrick Gold, in defense of the environment and natural resources.FALPO Coordinator Raul Monegro said that the mobilization will depart from San Francisco de Macoris, the capital of Duarte province, and will finish in Pueblo Viejo, Cotui. The goal is to mobilize hundreds of citizens under the slogan: “Barrick Gold Out.”

According to Monegro, FALPO demands the termination of Barrick Gold’s contract with the Dominican State. The protest, called “Life is Worth More Than Gold”, aims to draw the Dominican people’s attention on the plunder of the country’s natural resources.

He added that the march will denounce the environmental impact and high pollution that Barrick will cause not only in Cotui but also in the Northeast region and throughout the country.

The social movement of San Francisco de Macoris decided to raise their voice to defend life and natural resources, understanding the struggle as a patriotic cause to be joined by all Dominicans concerned about the present and future of the country, expressed Monegro.


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