Your support is needed to help defend the rights of indigenous peoples living in Guatemala’s western highlands. The Canadian mining company Goldcorp could leave impoverished communities with a multi-million dollar bill to pay after it has extracted all of the gold from the Marlin mine.

On April 26th, Goldcorp shareholders will decide if the company will post a financial guarantee to cover the estimated closure cost for the Marlin mine and make its closure plan public. Goldcorp has recommended shareholders vote against this resolution.

To encourage Goldcorp investors to support the resolution and to show them that people around the world are watching, CIEL and its allies, like Amnesty International, have created a petition in support of the resolution.
As someone who values the right to live in a healthy environment, we are asking you to cast your symbolic “vote” in favor of this important resolution and in support of Guatemalan communities.


Goldcorp’s Marlin Mine in Guatemala is one of the company’s most profitable gold mines, but mining is taking place – and in fact expanding – without the consent of indigenous peoples whose drinking water and farm lands may be affected. Goldcorp pledges $28 million for mine closure costs, but has posted a mere $1 million financial guarantee. Respected, independent studies indicate the company has grossly underestimated the real costs of mine closure, which could total $49 million or more. Guatemalans shouldn’t have to pay to clean up Goldcorp’s mess.

Vote now to urge Canadian mining company Goldcorp to act responsibly, and respect the rights of Mayan people living near the mine.
The shareholder resolution and the petition are supported by communities in Guatemala. The petition will also be delivered to the company and media at the shareholders meeting. 

Let’s make our voices heard. Please sign this petition and share it widely.


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