Communique of the Tz’ununija’ Indigenous Women’s Movement

May 31, 2012 Communique of the Tz’ununija’ Indigenous Women’s Movement

The organized women of the community of Ágel of San Miguel Ixtahuacán, Department of San Marcos, and the Tz’ununija’ Women’s Indigenous Movement, on the day Wajxaq’ib’ Ajmaq [declare]:

Within the framework of the promotion, defense and exercise of the individual and collective rights of women and indigenous peoples, we share with the national and international public opinion our satisfaction with the success achieved today, May 31. On this date, defender of the rights of indigenous peoples Gregoria Crisanta Pérez Bamaca recuperated the part of her land that, until now, had been used by the Montana Exploradora S.A. mining company. This is a very significant event in the struggle for the recuperation of the territory of the community of Ágel.

This action corresponds to the compliance of the agreements made during the hearing held this May 18 in the First Court for Penal Cases and Crimes against the Environment of the department of San Marcos, within the legal process that existed against eight women of the community of Ágel. One of the principal actions carried out on this day has been the removal of the extension posts and the electrical connection belonging to said company. Likewise, the document which established the right of passage [for the electric lines] was annulled via a notarial act in compliance with the agreements adopted in the aforementioned hearing.

This process has been carried out as a part of the collective struggle of the communities of San Miguel Ixtahuacán and the local, national and international organizations which have accompanied and supported in diverse ways. As such, we express our thanks for all the support and we highlight above all the constant struggle of the organized women of Ágel, as an example and a precedent in the quest to assert the rights of women and indigenous peoples in Guatemala and other countries in the region.

(unofficial translation provided by NISGUA)


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