MP’s junket ‘screams unethical behavior’’s-junket-‘screams-unethical-behavior’

MP’s junket ‘screams unethical behavior’
Friday, September 21, 2012

Now that Bruce Hyer is an Independent MP, it appears he is taking a handout from mining company Goldcorp.

MiningWatch Canada revealed that Hyer, with three other MPs and a Senator, took a trip to Guatemala, all expenses paid by Goldcorp, where they visited one of its operations.

The site happens to be where the Inter-America Commission on Human Rights called on the Guatemalan government to suspend operations.

According to Goldcorp, this visit is considered to be routine and a courtesy. I don’t know what is routine about Canadian politicians being flown in by a company, on their private plane, to see their operations in another country where they are accused of human rights violations. To me it screams “unethical behavior.”

I again question Mr. Hyer’s judgment. As an elected official, taking the offer of a free trip to Guatemala is inappropriate, especially in light of the human rights complaints against Goldcorp at this site.

David George Noonan
Thunder Bay


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