The long reach of Canada’s mining industry

The long reach of Canada’s mining industry   By Meera Karunananthan, Raul Burbano, Sakura Saunders and Jennifer Moore The Hill Times October 8, 2012 Major news stories recently provided a glimpse into the Harper government’s close ties with the mining industry. They hint at a cozy relationship that gives mining companies undue influence over … Continue reading

Why we are shouting out against mining injustice

Why we are shouting out against mining injustice BY BRENT PATTERSON MEERA KARUNANANTHAN JUNE 18, 2012 In the next decade, the Conservative government predicts over $500 billion in investments in the mining and extractive sector here in Canada – a prophecy to be fulfilled by the reckless dismantling of already weak Canadian environmental safeguards through the omnibus … Continue reading

La demolición de Canadá

2012-01-03 La demolición de Canadá Alberto Rabilotta La gran crisis del capitalismo está permitiendo a la plutocracia financiera dominante destruir una a una todas las grandes conquistas socioeconómicas de los pueblos. Parecería que nada puede resistir a esa brutal aplanadora que cotidianamente deja un tendal de desempleados y excluidos. Y Canadá no es una excepción. … Continue reading

Prospecting the Terrain of Struggle

August 3, 2011 Prospecting the Terrain of Struggle Fight against Guatemalan Goldcorp enters halls of power, leaves disappointed by Andrew MacPherson The Dominion – MONTREAL—New developments in Guatemala have continued to put pressure on the Goldcorp company, whose controversial Marlin mine has kept churning out the gold. As some continue in land-based struggles, others … Continue reading

Canada’s Quiet Hegemony in Latin America and Destructive Mining Canada’s Quiet Hegemony in Latin America and Destructive Mining Daniel Whalen July 26th 2011 Council on Hemispheric Affairs Canada’s mining industry is the largest in the world, and in 2004 its world market share accounted for 60 percent of all mining companies. In fact, the entire Latin American region is second only to Canada … Continue reading

Mining Injustice: Is ‘Canada’s University’ Complicit?

Mining Injustice: Is ‘Canada’s University’ Complicit? by Tasha PetersBrigette DePape , Media Co-op A recent post on the University of Ottawa website celebrates the signing of an agreement between the University and the Devonshire Initiative (DI), a “forum for leading international development NGOs and Canadian mining companies to come together in response to the social agenda surrounding private … Continue reading

For Canadian companies overseas, a corporate heart of darkness

For Canadian companies overseas, a corporate heart of darkness MARCUS GEE From Wednesday’s Globe and Mail Published Wednesday, Mar. 23, 2011 When told that The Globe is doing a piece on the laws governing misbehaviour by Canadian companies in foreign countries, John McKay laughs. “That’ll be a short article,” he says. “There aren’t any.” The … Continue reading

Guatemalan widow’s lawsuit against HudBay could be precedent setting

By: Matthew Hill 18th February 2011 Updated 4 hours ago TORONTO ( – The trial of a Guatemalan woman who is suing Canadian miner HudBay Minerals for C$12-million in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice for the death of her husband in 2009 is “probably years away”, Angelica Choc’s lawyer said on Thursday. Choc, represented … Continue reading


December 10, 2010 By Grahame Russell,, December 10th is celebrated by some as “international human rights day”. For the global mining industry, we commemorate “international impunity day”. Below, summaries of recent assassinations and attacks in El Salvador, Guatemala and Chiapas related to community struggles in resistance to environmental and health harms and other … Continue reading